Newson Whitelabel Program

The Newson Whitelabel program gives you the opportunity to have your own full service Lead Generation, Appointment setting and Deal Closing Agency set up and ready within 24 hours. 

Own your own full service Lead generation and sales agency with your own fulfilment team within 24 hours.

Linkedin, email and calls. Outbound sales service.
Software and Service all under your brand.

Whitelabel Features

Newson Whitelabel includes under your own company

With the Newson Whitelabel you can offer

Why partner with us

The Newson Whitelabel Program is unique to other services

Newson Whitelabel has the market leading SAAS tech and an award winning SDR team who have delivered over 500,000 appointments booked over the last 36 months.

The combination of hyper focused targeting and multi touch personalised outreach with advanced Sales Automation software has led to fast and powerful results. With our service we can confidently generate 8-10 booked appointments per month per connected Linkedin and Email account (Rep).

With the Newson Whitelabel, you are able to create a self-sustaining funnel with the use of accounts connected to the software and strategy created by the team, generating hot leads and new sales for the growth of
the agency account.

The onboarding process takes less than 24 hours

Once you sign up to one of our Whitelabel plans, you will be sent a Whitelabel form to complete which outlines which website you would like the SAAS platform to link to and the customised colours and style for the
interface of the platform. Once you submit this, this goes directly to our tech team who sets up your Whitelabel SAAS software. This process typically takes 24 hours.
During that time we connect your Agency manager to a Slack channel of your agency

The onboarding and campaign activation process with new customer sign ups takes less than 48 hours

Everytime a new customer signs up on your website they will be sent to the SAAS platform which will ask them questions about their business, their ideal client profile and any other important information. Once they
submit this, this goes directly to our campaign design team to build the campaign. This process typically takes 24-48 hours.
When the campaign design is ready, it will be sent to the client for approval, once approved by the client, it gets uploaded and launched in the SAAS platform.
If the Whitelabel Owner opts for the Expert or Elite package, the Newson team will also handle Kick off Calls to welcome the client, get them setup on the SAAS Software and present the campaign to them.
Post-activation, the Agency Support Manager will be responsible for monitoring the outreach on a day to day basis, updating the client for any new leads and appointments booked via email or live chat. Sending daily and
weekly reports to the client.

Newson has a remote team based in 8 COUNTRIES from United Kingdom and Philippines to Canada and USA delivering great service to its clients and its agency clients.

Benefits of working with Newson

How our Service works​

Client signs up -> Client completes onboarding -> Client approves campaign -> Campaign goes live

1. Client signs up

When the client signs up for one of your services, we would recommend setting it up on your website to send them to the SAAS platform to complete their onboarding questionnaire.

We can also set it up to automatically notify us of a new sign up and the service they require.

This will mean that it will not be a manual process to notify us to provide us with the information, so the process can be as automated as possible.

2. Client completes onboarding

Once your client has completed the Onboarding form which is pre-built into the Whitelabel SAAS platform we will send them a confirmation email from your agency email to let them know that the campaign build has begun.

Our Campaign design specialists will identify the best prospects and verticals for your clients’ product/service by building a target list and bespoke outreach strategy to attract leads and secure high value booked appointments for their business.

Campaign design typically takes 1-2 business days.

3. Client approves campaign

Once your client has approved the campaign, the Agency Support manager uploads the campaign into the SAAS Software and sets everything up to go live

4. Campaign goes live

Once your client’s campaign goes live, the post activation support begins.

The Agency Support Manager will provide ongoing communication to the client via email and live chat, notifying the client of any leads and appointments booked, and providing daily and weekly reports.

Real-time automated notifications for new responses and new leads and appointments can be synced to your clients email or CRM should they request this.

The Intercom chat can be added to your whole website on the main homepage for an additional cost or to just the logged in part where they login to the platform which is included.

To be added to the main homepage it’s an additional charge of £300GBP. This will be custom branded to your Agency colours and Company Name.

Start running a profitable SaaS business within 24 hours

Pre-packaged all-in-one sales service that can be branded under your company

Add our all-in-one sales acceleration service under your own brand with as low as 1 seat. Have rebranded our standalone Linkedin and Email automation software, and offer your customers a done by you,done with you and done for you service including ABM outreach, call outreach, appointment booking and sales closing all under your own brand.

Multi-service options to impress your agency customers

Stand apart from the crowd with an unbeatable agency offering that includes Lead Generation, appointment booking and sales closing service. Attract customers with done by you, done with you and done for you service options.

Built to Scale

Our pricing is specifically designed to allow agencies to scale and and benefit from a highly resellable service. Included in the Newson whitelabel, is a full specialist customer support team, account managers and appointment setters. Aswell as whitelabelling our service offering, you gain a specialist team under your own brand.

Specialist BDR Team under your brand

Gain an immediate specialist BD team under your brand including trained and experienced campaign managers and appointment setters. No time wasting training, monitoring and paying staff. Our campaign managers and appointment-setters can handle all interactions with your customers so you can focus on closing more business.

24/7 customer support available for your customers

Let our customer support team mitigate issues with your customers under your brand and provide a consistent 5* customer service. Our customer support team is equipped to be available for customers in all time-zones.

No minimum term or contracts

No lock-in contracts or commitments, we give you the flexibility to upscale or downscale anytime to enable a reassuring and positive whitelabel experience.

Select a plan

Addon Plans

Newson add-on modulesMin Seats Price p/seatMin MonthlyReseller Price
Call follow-ups module
Includes 10 hours worth of calls Appointment-setting
1 Sales Rep
Integrated to Airtable/Slack/CRM
Calls Fully Recorded
Calls Portal Login
1£200/ $272£200/ $272$$$
Sales closing module
1-3 Accounts included
All qualified sales calls handled
Sales closing expert
Languages spoken: English, US, French, German, Spanish and Italian
1£495 / $675£495 / $675$$$
ABM Marketing
Includes 100 Companies Personalised Outreach Key Accounts Targeted
1£300 / $409£300 / $409$$$
Manual Prospecting
Dedicated Manual SDR activity
Any Manual Prospecting Tasks
2 hours per day / 10 hours per week
1£300 / $409£300 / $409$$$

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions

No – absolutely not. We allow to be anonymous throughout all our engagement for your clients so you can present our sales acceleration service under your brand.
No – with our Whitelabel service, you can use us for as short . as one month or longer giving you ultimate flexibility to help service your customers and grow your company.
Yes we offer discounts for 5 or more accounts signed up at the same time for white label purposes to help your company grow. To find out more about this speak to our support team on Live Chat.
Yes, for the Done by you and Done with you plans you will have to set up the campaigns for your clients. The Done for you plans are managed fully by us, so if you want us to manage the whole process we would recommend choosing the Done for you plans.
Yes, our service requires an active Linkedin premium and Linkedin sales navigator account.
Yes – absolutely. Newson provides an unbranded sales deck that you can put your logo on and sell our services under your brand.
Yes – anytime you need our Sales Person or campaign manager to talk with your customer they can do so, representing themselves as a sales representative of your company.
Newson offers multiple ways of integrating with your customers to notify them of new leads, new booked appointments and closed sales. Newson integrates with slack, email and the data can be exported as a PDF or CSV which you have full access to at anytime.