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B2B Lead Generation Software – Done By You. The Newson Software plans are designed to give you full control setting up your campaigns and handling your new sales conversations with your ideal customers.  

Done by you service

Lead Generation on Autopilot

Leads supplied to your inbox

Features Overview

Multi-channel Sales Outreach (Linkedin and Email)

Unlimited Campaigns

Enriched data - verified emails and phone numbers

HOT Outreach Templates access

Dedicated Account Manager + Live Chat Support

HOT leads supplied to your inbox

How our Software Plans work

Simplifying your Lead Generation and Appointment Booking Process

1. Easy Onboarding and setup

Once you've signed up you will be given instant access to get started on our platform. Here you will connect your Linkedin and Email accounts and set up your outreach campaigns. You can have a campaign set up and launched within 10 minutes generating leads and appointments for your business.

2. Your campaign starts

Once your campaign starts, Newson will begin engaging with your ideal clients into 1:1 direct conversations via your or one of our reps Linkedin/email accounts. This will all be handled in the cloud by our Sales Engagement CRM Tool. Which you will have easy direct access to login anytime.

3. You receive your first lead interested in more information & booked appointment

Within days or even hours of the service starting, you can expect to receive your first leads and booked calls with your ideal clients who are interested in taking the conversation forward. You will be notified in real-time with new appointments booked in your calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business Development Reps
  • Sales Function Individuals
  • Sales-focused roles
  • Mid to High Level Experienced Sales People
  • Solo Entrepreneurs who prefer handling prospecting
  • Individuals who do not have time to respond to interested leads
  • Individuals who do not know their ideal client profile
  • Individuals who do not have much experience in sales

Yes – we offer assisted services for the following:

  • Account setup
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign review

No but we would recommend it as the outreach is low without it. We have partnered with and can provide discounted sales navigator for all our plans.

Yes – We have a help center with articles to help you get started. Click here

Yes – when you sign up to Newson, we give you access to our Hottest templates in our Template Marketplace.

Newson offers you the option to use your own Linkedin and email account for outreach or use “Ai Sales Reps” under alias Linkedin and email accounts provided by so that you can have a fully automated sales and lead generation funnel, generating you leads and appointments with your ideal customers.

GDPR doesn’t affect LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We also ensure our email campaigns are fully GDPR compliant by specific protocols led by our outreach team.

With our Software Plans you get assigned a dedicated account manager, who you can speak to anytime via email, call or live chat.

You also can reach out to our support team anytime via live chat.

With Newson you can integrate it with your team on slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations. Our live lead sheets can be accessed on your pc or mobile via our app.
  • Time saving – Automating your outbound prospecting and lead generation process saves 40 hours per week
  • Consistent Outreach – With Newson you can have up to 100 invites per week, 500 messages per week, 250 inmails per week sent out to your target prospects.
  • Scalable appointment booking funnel – With Newson you can run unlimited campaigns and increase your outreach by connecting more Linkedin and email accounts to the platform. Increasing your route to market, conversations with prospects and conversions = leads and booked meetings.
  • Lead Generation on Autopilot – Our Software plans are designed to support individuals, teams and companies with our Lead Generation Software so that you can get HOT leads being supplied to your inbox on a daily basis on autopilot.
  • A/B testing strategies – Automating your outreach to prospects means you can analyse the open rates, response rates and booked meeting rates by experimenting with different messaging and outreach strategies.

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