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Done-For-You B2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Sales Closing. We help hundreds of companies and agencies grow their sales pipeline and close more deals with our all-in-one client acquisition service. Using LinkedIn, Email and Calls.

1000+ users from 80 countries trust Newson

Business Development Appointment Setting Lead Generation Client Generation Done For You

Newson provides a complete all-in-one hub for Done-For-You B2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Sales Closing services. Save time and money, while having an experienced sales team, guarantee you results. Using Linkedin, email and calls.


4.5 - 12 reviews


4.8 - 17 reviews


4.5 - 22 reviews

2000+ companies and agencies globally trust Newson

See how Newson has helped others to grow sales

Christian J Selley
Christian J Selley
Partner at St. James’s Place
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First class. Five star, good service snd people to work with. Effective marketing and quick responsiveness are crucial factors when running a business.
Jessica Rae Connelly
Jessica Rae Connelly
Founder at The Marketing Resort
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I've liked the trust, consistency and quality Newson has provided to my agency so far. Aswell as the team spirit! I've gone from 0 leads to many in about a month.
Harry Booz
Harry Booz
CEO at Home Lead Gen
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Great service, we have used Newson for over a year and have helped us double the size of our business. The return off initial spend makes it a no brainer!
Iain Hamilton
Iain Hamilton
Director at Marketing For Entrepreneurs
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Newson has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. Newson has ensured my business continues to generate new clients and given me more free time.
Abby Jean
Abby Jean
CEO at Lead Glow
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Amazing results in house and for our clients. We are beyond impressed. Newson has been an invaluable asset to both my personal and professional life.
David Doss
David Doss
Founder at CKC Fund
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A Key Helper in Expanding Our Lead Gen Systems. provides leads in a time- and cost-efficient manner. It allows us to focus on what we do best.

Newson's onboarding process to get started is really simple

This is laid out below in 3 main steps

Step 1: Newson hosts an Onboarding Call to discuss your Business

On the first step, you will complete a questionnaire to provide Newson with information about your business. You will then be invited to an onboarding call with a Lead Generation Specialist for a 1-2-1 consultation to discuss your business in more depth and to outline your ideal target market. This step is for Newson to fully collect all the information about your business to develop a sales pipeline.

Step 2: Newson invites you to review and launch your Sales Engagement Campaign

Once the strategy build is complete, the Newson Lead Generation Specialists will then invite you to review the campaign strategy. Once approved, Newson will setup and launch the campaigns and then Newson will begin engaging with thousands of your ideal clients into 1:1 direct conversations on Linkedin and Email.

Step 3: Newson generates your business new sales pipeline

Within days or even hours of the service starting, you can expect to receive your first Hot leads, Booked Meetings with your ideal clients who are interested in taking the conversation forward. You will be notified in real-time with new appointments booked in your calendar. If you have also selected for sales closing you will be notified in real-time for new closed sales.

Choose which level of service you want for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Newson offers the most complete all-in-one B2B Lead Generation and B2b Appointment Setting service on the market. This includes the Industry leading B2B Software and Lead Generation Platform, which offers up to 500 invites per week, plus inmail, email, automated likes, follows, endorsements plus an inbuilt CRM pipeline funnel feature, and a data enrichment tool to give you the ultimate edge when growing your pipeline.

Plus you get access to hundreds of unique products and services, that no other company offers such as Done for you Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, Ai Sales Reps (Linkedin Profile Bots), Discounted Linkedin Sales Navigator, Landing pages and more!

We define a lead in our company as a prospect who meets your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) criteria with an active interest in your product/service and/ or with the intent for a call/further discussion.
There is no minimum term. We offer our services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Quarterly and Annual payments are required upfront, message our support to set this up.

Yes we can include a guarantee if you opt for the Guarantee option which includes an upgrade on your plan.

For the standard plans we do not provide a service guarantee with our outreach service.

Fortunately, because of our expertise and previous successful campaigns we can give you an estimated average of the number of appointments we expect to achieve.

Newson offers you the option to use your own Linkedin and email account for outreach or use “Ai Sales Reps” under alias Linkedin and email accounts provided by so that you can have a fully automated sales and lead generation funnel, generating you leads and appointments with your ideal customers.

GDPR doesn’t affect LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We also ensure our email campaigns are fully GDPR compliant by specific protocols led by our outreach team.

Newson has a simple but very effective lead generation and appointment booking strategy. We ask you to submit our onboarding questionnaire with information about the product/service you want to go to market and we then build a bespoke campaign taking 24-48 hours. You will also be invited to have a call with your Campaign Manager on a 1 on 1 call. Once built, we send to you for approval then launch it using our Ai outreach software. We sync our lead gen platform with you on slack so you get automatic updates everytime a prospect replies to the automated outreach and when a conversation is tagged in the inbox as a lead or booked appointment.

With our Lead plan we find your ideal customers and provide our tried and tested high response rate templates for the lead generation campaigns so you can be in the best position to generate leads and new opportunities for your business.

We generate the Lead, you handle the response and appointment setting.

With Newson you can integrate it with your team on slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations. Our live lead sheets can be accessed on your pc or mobile via our app.
Newson offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager with our Done for you plans. Our Done With You plans you get access to a Campaign Manager and our Done By You plans you get access to our support team via our Live Chat feature.

Why choose us

Automated and Manual Prospecting

Newson offers the most powerful outbound done-for-you service in the world. Newson uses a strategic blend of automated and manual prospecting to ensure your campaign is extensive but is also hyper-targeted, to ensure you generate high-value leads and appointments. The benefits of integrating automated and manual is that you can analyse your outbound efforts with data-backed insights, A/B multiple go-to-market strategies and target specific companies with highly personalised propositions.

Dynamic multi-channel strategy

Newson offers all size companies the power to grow and increase their sales efforts. Newson works for all size and types of B2B companies. Newson works with one-man bands who lack the bandwidth to generate leads, appointments and convert sales. Newson also works with large sales teams and established companies who want to increase their sales lead generation and booked calls for their sales team.

Go-to Market/ Data-backed Managed Campaigns

Newson helps Startups, Mid-sized and Large corporations to generate leads, booked appointments and close sales in local and global markets. Whether you’re looking to increase your leverage in a local market or you wish to expand your leverage globally and explore new markets, Newson will fully manage your go-to-market execution. Newson is also perfect for companies to test new products in a market and analyse data-backed insights.

Expert Sales Support & Campaign Management

Newson offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager. We have an extra layer of sales experts working on your campaigns so can ensure we attract new sales opportunities for your business.

Integration with CRM, Slack & Email

Integrate Newson with your slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations.

Real-time Reports

We provide reports in real-time, showing all our main actions completed, which the data can be accessed and exported as a PDF or CSV and synced automatically to your CRM.